Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm starting an orthodontic journey, again. I had my braces removed freshman year of college and my teeth didn't stay straight for very long. I'm okay with them being a little crooked but recently my two front teeth have been chipping. The chipping is caused by the way my front and bottom teeth meet. I also clench my teeth at night which is causing unnecessary wear and other problems. I decided that it would be worth the money to fix my teeth because the orthodontist said this will help prevent further issues. She said once you hit 40 your teeth go down hill. Instead of traditional metal braces, she said I was a candidate for Invisalign. So I can take them off when I eat and when I brush and floss my teeth.

Monday I had my first appointment and I had 5 molds of my teeth made, 2 for the orthodontist and 3 to be sent to Invisalign. The Invisalign molds took 8 minutes each and are more accurate than the traditional molds.

Here's a photo my teeth "before". I will post photos of what they look like when I get the Invisalign.


Blogger Mrs. V said...

So sorry your teeth are crooked. Letting your child suck their thumb makes them happy and thus the family is happy. Grandma tried to get you to stop sucking your thumb but I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment. So there you are with crooked teeth after spending years sucking on three fingers.
Let's have an've been wearing these since January, wow. My dentist at the Medical College of Georgia had Invisalign and he said they worked well.

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