Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Mini Maria

Age 6 ready for a ride on my father's Harley. Check out the leg warmers and cowboy boots.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Guess who's back?

Sasha is glad to be back in Georgia and hanging out with his buddy Leo.
Here's a photo of him licking Leo's face.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Brunettes Have More Fun

After living with me for a year, Eileen has come to her senses and realized that brown hair is better than blonde. Just kidding. Eileen has been talking about dyeing her hair for awhile now and she finally went to her stylist to have it done. Unfortunately, her stylist didn't agree with Eileen's desire to go dark brown/black and talked her into semi-perm dark auburn. Her hair looks great but I still think she should have gone darker. Here's the photo of Lindsey Lohan that she took to her stylist. I added Eileen's face. Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sasha Went South For the Winter

Actually, he went south permanently. I brought him with me when I went home for Thanksgiving. As much as a I love the little bugger I couldn't take his abuse anymore. He bites me often and hard. Bringing me to tears on several occasions. A coworker told me I was an abused pet owner. I would make excuses for him and talk about how sweet he can be. I don't think he adjusted to city life very well. He also peed one too many times in Eileen's gym bags. I was sad for about 2 seconds when I came home and he wasn't there to greet me but then I quickly came to my senses. I will miss him though. He was very entertaining and he did fix our little mouse problem. If you know anyone that needs an attack cat, let me know.
Here's one of my favorite pictures of him.