Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hulk Radios

I have a couple of coworkers that crack me up all day. They enjoy speaking in military talk and use codes for "emergency situations". They also have 2 Incredible Hulk walkie talkies that they occasionally use to communicate with each other, even though they sit next to each other. Yesterday one of the Hulk radios was taken hostage below are some photos and emails exchanged.

Mr. Heinly and Company...

Attached to this covert communication are two photos I think you would be very interested in viewing. I must emphasize, DO NOT contact the authorities, and that means the EOC if you want to see your green friend again!

As far as the Hulk Style Communication Device we have in captivity is concerned, well just let us say that he is being treated fairly. However, his batteries have been remove, so he is powerless to help himself or to attempt a direct communication with any other Hulk Style Communication Devices.
It would interest my superior officers to know what you would offer our organization for the safe return of your comrade.
P.S. If I were you I would strip the one allowed the Hulk Style Communication Device fall into enemy hands of his rank!


This is a cowardice act!

There will be no negotiating as I know the Hulk style communication device is perfectly willing to lay down his life for the better good.

Please be advised that effective 24 hours from now, if the Hulk style communication device is not returned in safe and good condition. There will be an embargo put in place to halt consumption of ALL cheese balls and various Hostess snack cakes.

Our next step will be Slim Jims and Potato Chip Products.

Please be advised, this is not an idol threat, return the device immediately!

Help! I'm under attack

A French veterinarian vaccinates a duck with the H5N2 vaccine at a poultry farm in southwestern France.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pictures with my parents and Leo before one of their motorcycle rides.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cat wins again

Here the lastest Sasha updates from my parents.

Came down to the basement a few minutes ago and found my light box on the floor and all my 35mm slides that I had sorted were strewn all over the floor. I began to do search on how to skin cats and I'm getting a lot of knowledge on that subject. When should I start skinning Sasha? 

I might close the door to the basement to keep Sasha out, but what if mice or other creepy crawlers invade the basement, who is going to chase them? Damn if you do and damn if you don't. I can't win. Cat wins again. He is over in the corner laughing!

I woke up this morning and he was sleeping in his little bed outside our bedroom underneath the thermostat in the hall.  right now he has been rubbing himself on Leo's face.  Leo moved and he followed him.

Yeah, he is always rubbing on Leo an Leo says..."geeeez, cat, what makes you think I like that, I don't go ahead and eat you because the humans are watching and I would get into deep shit."

Since he can't sleep with us I put that bed in the hallway just in case he wanted to feel comfortable.  He enjoys walking around the house at night doing whatever he does......eats his food.....lays on the step next to the bird cage so he can keep an eye on them and terrorize them in their sleep....he especially likes to sleep in Dad's chair in the basement because it smells like Dad's butt and he knows how irritated he gets to come down and see all that white cat fur on his maroon/green cloth chair.

I just retruned from walking Leo; however, Sasha instigated it all. He was at the door to the garage meowing wanting to go out. So I decide to walk Leo at that time. We went down by the pool, Leo on the leash and Sasha followed. He stopped to poop at the Brickey's, Leo and I waited for him to finish. When he did he covered the evidence with leaves and ran towards us. He then followed Leo and me to the pool where I unleashed Leo. Sasha followed all the time and when we returned Sasha followed us home. He is outside now.

He walked fast to the pool area but when we finished and started home he was dragging his ass, came back walking slow.

Yesterday I saw the frog toy face down in the empty cat food dish.....What makes it particularly funny is that the cat dish is on top of the dryer, making it quite an endeavor to get the stuffed animal up there. I guess he was sharing his food with his lover.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

My coworkers and me with love bug hats we made.

(Photo Below) Jill using her Photoshop skills to see what we all look like with her face.